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System gastronomy

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Are you interested in the commercial aspects of restaurant management – as well as in hospitality that comes straight from the heart? Then why not apply for an apprenticeship as a specialist in system gastronomy at L‘Osteria!

You can learn all there is to know about product manufacturing, quality assurance and food science with us. This also includes subject matters such as marketing, human resources and cost control. Your training is geared towards independently organising your work processes within the restaurant and your successful collaboration with the entire L‘Osteria team. The training usually takes 3 years, possibly a little shorter.­

When you have successfully completed your training and achieved good marks, we look forward to welcoming you into our FAMIGLIA – where you will take up a management position. You can expect a secure job here as well as further career opportunities. As general manager or area manager, for example.

IMPORTANT: Please note that our apprenticeship programme always starts on 1 August.

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Your application

4 easy steps to your apprenticeship

The best way to apply for an apprenticeship as a specialist in system gastronomy is via our online application portal. Here, you can select the “Apprenticeship” occupation profile which will show you all available apprenticeship places. Alternatively, you can also use the filter function to seek vacancies at the location of your choice.

If you click on a specific job advertisement, you will be sent to the direct link to the application form.

  • Step 1: The application

    The following documents will be helpful in your application:

    • A compelling covering letter
    • Your curriculum vitae in tabular form
    • Copies of certificates (your highest level of education and any further training)
    • Evidence of any additional qualifications (e.g. internship certificates, language certificates)

    Important: Please include all documents in digital format (PDF, doc, docx, rtf) along with your application via our online application portal. You can upload it all there. You can find more tips on applying in our “Frequently asked questions”.


  • Step 2: The Interview

    You will get a reply from us as soon as we have reviewed your application. Please allow 1-2 weeks for us to process it. Our answer will then be either to decline your application or to invite you to an interview.

    Here you will have the opportunity to meet us personally and to ask any questions you may have. We are interested in getting to know you better too of course. For example, we would like to talk about why you want to do your apprenticeship here with us and what your aspirations are.

  • Step 3: The teaser day

    If your interview went well, you will then have an opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at our restaurant during a teaser day. You can get to know potential new colleagues while familiarising yourself with the different fields of activity (kitchen, service, bar, management).

  • Step 4: Your apprenticeship contract

    If you came through all these stages with flying colours and impressed us on your teaser day, then all that remains is for you to sign your apprenticeship contract. And as they say.... Welcome to our FAMIGLIA.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to questions people often ask
  • Are the training vacancies you advertise online always up to date?

    Yes, we update the positions regularly.


  • How do I apply?

    Please apply online – our online application portal makes it easier for both you and us to manage your application documents. You can find all apprenticeships under the “Apprenticeship” job profile. If you click on a specific job vacancy, you will be directed straight to the link to the application form.

  • Are there application deadlines?

    We do not have any application deadlines. We start looking for you about one year before the apprenticeship starts. Please note that there are only a limited number of apprenticeship places available. We therefore recommend that you apply as early as possible.

  • What do I write in my covering letter?

    We would like to get to know something about you as a person. For example, we are interested in why you would like to do your apprenticeship at L’Osteria, what qualities you have that make you suited to doing your apprenticeship with us and if you already have some gastronomic experience.

  • What needs to be in my CV?

    The rule is quite simple: One after the other. Make a list of all important periods of your background up to now in chronological order. This includes your education, any practical or work experience (internships, part-time jobs) and any language and PC skills you have acquired. Don’t forget: your contact details!

  • Who is my point of contact?

    Your point of contact will be specified in the respective job advertisement.

  • How long will it take before I get a reply to my application?

    You will get a reply from us as soon as we have reviewed your application. Please allow 1-2 weeks for us to process it. Our answer will then be either to decline your application or to invite you to an interview.

  • What happens after the first interview?

    If your interview went well, you will then get the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes during a teaser day at our restaurant. We will also tell you when we will be deciding on the successful candidate. In return, we ask you to also let us know if your career plans change during the application process.

  • How much will I earn?

    1st year of apprenticeship: €750 gross *
    2nd year of apprenticeship: €850 gross *
    3rd year of apprenticeship: €980 gross *

    * Please note that the salary varies slightly depending on the location or state of Germany you work in. The above figures are an example of our apprenticeships in the Bavarian region.

  • When do I have to go to vocational school?

    The accompanying vocational school education takes place either once a week or in blocks, depending on the location and vocational school – i.e. your practical experience in the restaurant alternates with lessons at the vocational school.


Whether you’re an old hand in the catering industry, an up-and-coming talent, or just moving over to us, at L’Osteria you’ll be able to showcase your talent for hospitality, teamwork, organisation and numbers!



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