happy birthday, L’Osteria!

25 Years Pizza, Pasta & Passione!

Did you Know?

With big steps: 7 milestones for L'Osteria since 1999

Established 1999

L'Osteria is founded by Friedemann Findeis and Klaus Rader in Nuremberg.
How did it all start? With "Mamma", of course: the mother of all L'Osterias was opened in Nuremberg in 1999 - L'Osteria Prickheimerstraße!

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Introduction of franchise offers and first freestander in Augsburg.

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The first foreign restaurant opens in Austria

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Own pasta manufactory "Pastificio No.12" in Nuremberg

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Own coffee roastery "Bar Italiana" in Wertheim

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Launch of L'Osteria Delivery including own web store, own app and own fleet.


Over 170 restaurants in nine countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Netherlands, Czech Republic, France, Luxembourg and Poland

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You enjoy life and embrace risk – when it comes to Pranzo (lunch) or the perfect evening, do you like to play it safe? Here you have the chance to reserve your favourite table. Just tell us when and where you need it and we’ll make sure a place in one of our L’Osterias – and in our hearts – is waiting for you.