L'Osteria Grande Amore

The best, best pizza and pasta d’amore, paired with a unique atmosphere creates an unbeatable recipe.

Once the doors open at L’Osteria, you’ll feel like you’re in a typical Italian osteria, where people get together to eat really well and enjoy the company of families, friends, couples, old and young. It is a lively atmosphere, and the delicious smell of authentic Italian cuisine lingers in the air. This is an open, welcoming place, where everyone can be themselves and feel at home.

L’Osteria is famous for the best, best pizza and pasta d’amore. The sizeable pizza is larger than the plate. It is frequently ordered by two persons with different toppings on each half. And wait until you see the pasta!

Additionally, we offer many other timeless classics of Italian cuisine, such as antipasti, salads, delicious dolci and a weekly menu featuring the season’s freshest ingredients and special pasta creations. By the way, Since 2015, our maccheroni, strozzapreti and tortelloni have been made in our own pasta factory in Nuremberg.

All dishes are prepared in our open-view kitchen “á la mamma“. Guests experience live how passionate cooking is done the Italian way. Even the ingredients are mainly sourced from Italy, and both pizza and pasta smell and taste delicious – and won’t leave you hungry. After all, generous portions at a fair price are a matter of principle for us.

Our interior design and architecture ensure that your visit to L'Osteria will be a true delight for all your senses. High ceilings and glass façades create ample space and a friendly atmosphere. An intentional mix of styles, designed individually for each of our locations by the L'Osteria interior design team, guarantees a beautiful and warm ambience you'll be sure to enjoy.

It’s clear to see in the overall L’Osteria concept: for us, the love of detail plays an important role, whether it’s for cuisine, interiors or the avanti service. Passion, warmth, aspiration and authenticity are just as key – because those are the values we measure ourselves against every day.

Ci vediamo – see you soon!


Established 1999

We’ve put on quite a bit of weight. No wonder: Since 1999, we have focused on food.

How did all this start? With “Mamma” obviously! The mother of all L’Osterias opened in 1999 in Nuremberg. Since then, our recipe has stood the test of time with fresh Italian cuisine, laid-back atmosphere, best, best pizzas going well beyond the edge of the plate and a value that you will consider tasty. Sounds like a good mix? It is indeed, as the L’Osteria family continues to grow. Today we have expanded to Augsburg, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Rosenheim, Regensburg, Ulm, and many other cities.

We have also arrived in Austria and Switzerland and are already looking forward to all the new bambini yet to come.
Naturalmente, because if there is one thing we Italians love, it is large families.

By the way, in 2015, L’Osteria FAMIGLIA opened our own pasta factory in Nuremberg. Since then we have been producing our own maccheroni, strozzapreti and tortelloni – and many more varieties are already in planning.



We actually just wanted to make delicious food. But we happened to pick up numerous awards along the way, which of course makes us happy. So let us present to you a few of them that make us particularly proud.


Pasta Factory

Fresh pasta doesn’t only taste delicious in Italy – it’s just as good at L’Osteria. And because we wanted to know exactly how our pasta is produced, we set up our own pasta factory in Nuremberg, Germany in 2013: Our Pastificio No. 12