Menu della Casa


    Freshly baked dough sticks with a choice of a dip: Orange & Ginger, Garlic Butter or Sundried Tomato

  • Crema di Zucchini

    Homemade courgette soup with cream and garlic croutons 

  • Mezzalune al Tartufo e Menta

    Ricotta and truffle ravioli in melted butter with lime juice, mint and Grana Padano DOP 

  • Maccheroncini Salsiccia e Pomodorini

    Fresh pasta with pepperoni, cherry tomatoes and rocket in a mild spicy tomato sauce

  • Tagliolini neri Delizia

    Black tagliolini pasta with shrimps and courgettes 

  • Risotto alle Verdure

    White wine risotto with mixed vegetables

  • Pizza Erbacce

    Pizza with tomato sauce, cheese, spinach, broccoli and gorgonzola

  • Granello con Gelato

    Fruit crumble with ice cream


If you can’t finish your portion alone, non c’è problema. We’re happy to box it for you.
And if you happen to prefer a quiet evening at home: all dishes are available for take-away.


The declaration of the additives used and information on allergens are printed on the respective menus or allergen lists (in line with the legal requirements of that specific country).


We actually just wanted to make delicious food. But we happened to pick up numerous awards along the way, which of course makes us happy. So let us present to you a few of them that make us particularly proud.


Pasta Factory

Fresh pasta doesn’t only taste delicious in Italy – it’s just as good at L’Osteria. And because we wanted to know exactly how our pasta is produced, we set up our own pasta factory in Nuremberg, Germany in 2013: Our Pastificio No. 12