Your favourite delights, to be enjoyed on the spot or to take away!
Veganuary Menu 03.01. - 06.02.

Dry January

Enjoy it alcohol-free!

Discover our vegan creations this month and try something refreshingly different with our non-alcoholic aperitivo!

Since 1863, MARTINI has been bringing people together through the wonderful Italian tradition of "aperitivo", with recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, like a famiglia. Now also experience an amazing selection of non-alcoholic drinks, without compromising on the taste experience.


While our guests find a real home with authentic Italian flair and the best, best pizza and pasta d’amore, we offer even more to our employees. We invite you to help us shape the L’Osteria home and bring life to it.



You enjoy life and embrace risk – when it comes to Pranzo (lunch) or the perfect evening, do you like to play it safe? Here you have the chance to reserve your favourite table. Just tell us when and where you need it and we’ll make sure a place in one of our L’Osterias – and in our hearts – is waiting for you.