Pizza, Pasta, prize­winning!

We actually just wanted to make delicious food. But we happened to pick up numerous awards along the way, which of course makes us happy. So let us present to you a few of them that make us particularly proud.


An award from the German Franchise Association

L'Osteria was voted FRANCHISESYSTEM OF THE YEAR 2023 by a jury of experts in Berlin and received the Franchise Award, which is renowned in the industry. The German Franchise Association presents the coveted awards once a year, which were presented at the Franchise Forum 2023. The best franchisors of the year were honored for their extraordinary achievements and the associated positive external impact of franchising in Germany.

According to the unanimous verdict of the expert jury, the decisive factors for the selection as FRANCHISESYSTEM OF THE YEAR 2023 were increasing sales figures, healthy location growth...

and exceptionally high partner satisfaction at FR L'Osteria SE. In the further justification, Dr. Jürgen Karsten, Central Partner Management ETL Franchise and supporter of the award, comments as follows: "Una grande Famiglia, that is L'Osteria with its current 33 partners. The franchise system has shown what it means to be able to rely on the family during the crisis years, which were particularly hard for the gastronomy scene. The top priority was to ensure the partners' profitability, which was more than challenging in view of the closed restaurants without appropriate delivery structures. The delivery business was still professionally implemented in 2020 and has been continuously developed since then. Since it is well known that after the crisis is before the crisis and exploding energy costs are increasingly jeopardizing profitability, the company has developed clear, system-wide guidelines for the consistent exploitation of all potential savings. In order to counteract a further bottleneck that would burden the partner locations, the company decided on a La Famiglia-
feeling and an individually optimized staff scheduling tool. Innovation contributes to resilience. This is certainly true of L'Osteria - the hard facts clearly speak for this, in addition to the lived togetherness."


iF Design Award 2016 & DDC Award „Gute Gestaltung 16“

For our corporate design, which was developed in collaboration with our supporting agency, the Peter Schmidt Group, we were awarded the iF Design Award and the “Good Design 16“ award by the Deutscher Designer Club (DDC).

The Hanover-based company iF International Forum Design GmbH has awarded the “iF Design Award” in the categories of Product, Communication, Packaging, Interior Architecture and Professional Concept every year since 1954. And this year an award for the BEST OF THE BEST packaging design went to us! We are delighted that L’Osteria not only managed to officially score highly for taste, but that they were also impressed with the design of our pizza cartons and the like.

We also managed to impress the jury of the Deutscher Designer Club (DDC), which has dedicated itself to the promotion of “Good Design” and “Good Designers” in the German-speaking area since 1989. We really value the appreciation shown for our brand and would like to take this opportunity to thank again all those involved for the successful relaunch!

Further information together with photos submitted can be found


HR Excellence Award 2014

Germany’s most prestigious award in human resources. In the category “Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Employer Video”, we were chosen from more than 500 candidates. The jury’s verdict: “L’Osteria serves HR videos of a different kind. They are authentic and cut straight out of a regular workday”.

Grazie mille for this fantastic award!
You can find more information and images


Bayerns Best 50

This award is given to the 50 fastest-growing, owner-managed companies in Bavaria, who fulfil their role as the economy’s engine. The jury’s decision through an accounting firm was based on factors such as revenue, growth in staff, development throughout the past five years, and training and recruitment of new talent.
We take all this credit as confirmation of our concept, but at the same time as a motivation to keep on growing but remain true to our roots and still feel like a small company.

Best restaurant franchise 2014

Grazie mille!

The FAZ has elected L’Osteria the best Restaurant Franchise 2014, naming it the “Year’s Favourite”. The award recognizes outstanding achievements in the restaurant franchise industry – in our case FAZ pinpointed the “remarkable quality at even more remarkable prizes and the extremely customer-friendly service”.

Food service award 2012

The Hamburg Food Service Award 2012 goes to Kofler und Kompanie, Tim Mälzer – and us!

For innovative, professional gastronomy, raising the bar for an entire industry and contributing to improving its image.

The jury’s verdict:
“The core product is served oversized on principle – a solid statement regarding value for money. Well priced and profitable, highly systematic, yet with an individual flair and, thanks to their laid-back atmosphere, attractive to almost every age and wage level: the concept is catering to the masses and proving its attractiveness not only in downtown spots but also in three freestanding locations. 70% regular customers in the brand’s restaurants is an impressive achievement”.

Grazie mille to Hamburg for this award!
You can find more information and images here


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