• Piccolo Duetto | two mini desserts

    (Choose from tiramisù, crema di fragola, or panna cotta)

  • Tiramisu

    (Freshly made)

  • Tartufo

    (Chocolate ice cream)

  • Panna Cotta

    (With strawberry sauce)

  • Crema di fragola al mascarpone

    (Fresh strawberries with mascarpone cream)

  • Soufflé al cioccolato

    (Chocolate soufflé with mango, passion fruit sorbet)

  • Pera con granello

    (Pear crumble with sour cream sorbet)

Buon Appetito

What would dolce vita be without dolci?

Don’t worry – there’s no need to ask this question with us, because we love our sweet creations and spend many hours a day preparing them. Our tip for you: if you can’t decide whether to go for a tiramisu or panna cotta today, just order them both as our special Piccolo Duetto. That’s two smaller desert glasses of your choice. These can be shared – but by no means have to be!

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If you can’t finish your portion alone, non c’è problema. We’re happy to box it for you.
And if you happen to prefer a quiet evening at home: all dishes are available for take-away.


1with preservatives; 13contains alcohol


You enjoy life and embrace risk – when it comes to Pranzo (lunch) or the perfect evening, do you like to play it safe? Here you have the chance to reserve your favourite table. Just tell us when and where you need it and we’ll make sure a place in one of our L’Osterias – and in our hearts – is waiting for you.