Una grande famiglia!

The L’Osteria Famiglia sticks together. That is why we achieve goals that are out of reach for others.

No matter which city, each L’Osteria offers something special. Whether a trendy hotspot in an old building, a culinary highlight in a modern area, large or small, 30 or 60 employees – none is like another. And that’s just all right, because it’s what we’re made of. What unites the whole L’Osteria Famiglia: the idea of the traditional Italian osteria – with everything that goes with it. A place where you meet, dine, drink, and share conversations in a lively, unique atmosphere with timeless classics of Italian cuisine and decent portions at fair prices. Every day we live by this Italian recipe for success. And because the L’Osterias stick together and mutually profit from our experiences, we strengthen one another and achieve success, passing that on to you, our guests.

Do you have any questions about the L’Osteria franchise?
We’re happy to answer them. Please send your e-mail to franchise@losteria.de.
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We actually just wanted to make delicious food. But we happened to pick up numerous awards along the way, which of course makes us happy. So let us present to you a few of them that make us particularly proud.


Pasta Factory

Fresh pasta doesn’t only taste delicious in Italy – it’s just as good at L’Osteria. And because we wanted to know exactly how our pasta is produced, we set up our own pasta factory in Nuremberg, Germany in 2013: Our Pastificio No. 12