L'Osteria München Elisabethstrasse
Elisabethstraße 52, 80796 München

Another one!

In Munich, the fifth L’Osteria in the Elisabethstraße 52 in Schwabing-West is open.

We were able to get our hands on the very location that inspired the film “Rossini” in 1997. Of course, our best best pizza and pasta d’amore will be available, as well as our heavenly dolci. We are looking forward to your visit!

Munich residents like eating out. That’s why ‘the best, best pizza in the city’ now has five outlets in the otherwise Weisswurst-dominated metropolis. Of course, here on Elisabethstrasse, along with XXL pizzas which are enough for two people, we also offer pasta d’amore and heavenly dolci such as our original Italian tiramisu. This is complemented by an extra helping of Italian flair and a location steeped in history. In the past, this was the ‘Rossini’, a trendy meeting point which also provided the inspiration for the eponymous film from 1997. Nowadays, however, ‘the deadly question of who has been sleeping with whom’ no longer arises, but rather it’s all about whether to order Salsiccia Piccante or Panzerotti Spinaci. Whether you prefer to sit cosily inside or in the sunshine on our terrace. Moreover, we have our own dog bar for dogs. And if, in true Schwabinger fashion, you would prefer to order some food to take away, this is also possible. Non c’è problema. We look forward to seeing you!