L'Osteria Troisdorf
Junkersring 1, 53844 Troisdorf

Ciao ciao,

how about some best best pizza and pasta d'amore?

We're very easy to reach: the L'Osteria Troisdorf is located just off the motorway exit Spich (A59 between Cologne and Bonn) and is only 5 minutes by foot from the airport Cologne / Bonn.

Just off the A59 motorway exit between Cologne and Bonn is the L’Osteria Troisdorf. Those arriving by car can park for free in the parking lot. The freestander offers huge pizzas and pasta d’amore. And by huge we mean so huge that you can easily divide the pizza into two with different toppings on each half. So you have even more appetite for a heavenly dolci like a Tiramisù or Panna Cotta. And if you don’t feel like having pizza: We also have delicious pasta, fresh salads, antipasti and a weekly menu with various pasta creations. Of course, families are welcome, too, because if we Italians love one thing, then it is large families. We offer small portions of pasta and the pizza can be shared with mommy or daddy. In addition, high chairs, a changing table and a table for reading, painting and playing are available – if the food is not yet at the table and the children are impatient. Sun lovers will find a cozy place on the large terrace under olive trees and oleanders.