L'Osteria Wien Wirtschaftsuni
Freudplatz 2, 1020 Wien

Osterians listen up!

Where there is a university, we can also be found. We provide some Italian culinary backup for the Vienna University.

No more learning. It’s time for a break to fill the stomach again – with the best best pizza from the L’Osteria Vienna University of Economics and Business. Due to its 45 cm diameter, the pizza can be shared perfectly with the learning partner – and of course you can chose the toppings for each half. There is also delicious pasta, antipasti, salads and dolci that you won’t forget soon. For the students who are in a hurry, non c’è problema: All dishes are available for take away.

Of course, families are welcome, too, because if we Italians love one thing, then it is large families. We offer small portions of pasta and the pizza can be shared with mom or dad. In addition, high chairs, a changing table and a table for reading, painting and playing are available – if the food is not yet at the table and the children are impatient. If a dog belongs to the family, it is also welcome. We have a special dog bar available for it.