L'Osteria Kempten
Bahnhofstraße 1, 87435 Kempten

Ciao Amici!

Kempten is one of the oldest cities in Germany - therefore, a L'Osteria must not be missing.

The best best pizza and pasta d'amore are joining the baroque basilica, the gothic church ad the Mediterranean marketplace in the city center. Bonus points: it's the last L'Osteria before the Alps!

Directly in the city center and very close to the Forum Allgäu is the L’Osteria Kempten, where we serve you large pizza and pasta d’amore.

Our huge pizza has a diameter of 45 cm and can be divided into two parts with different toppings on each half. And if you feel like something lighter: assorted antipasti and salads are also available as well as a weekly menu with delicious pasta dishes.

In the warm season, the terrace of the L’Osteria Kempten attracts numerous guests and those who prefer to eat their pizza at home, can take it to go. Bambinis and dogs are also welcome in the L’Osteria Kempten. For the kids, there are not only smaller portions waiting, but also high chairs and a table for games, drawing and reading. For the little ones there is a changing table. Dogs are catered for at a special dog bar.