L'Osteria Wien Auhof Center
Albert Schweitzer Gasse 6 2.OG, 1140 Wien

Ciao Amici,

in the west of Vienna, between Purkersdorf and Penzing, you can get the best best pizza now!

Ahoi Auhof Center! Ciao L’Osteria! Like peas in a pod: Your L’Osteria Wien Auhof Center and a great shopping experience guaranteed to offer tonnes of fun. We are so excited to now offer the “best best pizza and pasta d’amore” at the Auhof Center shopping mall in Vienna! The new restaurant exudes an extra portion of Italian flair, situated on Albert Schweitzer Gasse 6 – while just next door visitors can experience shopping, gastro, cinema, fitness and a medical centre, all under one roof. The restaurant is operated – as with all other L’Osteria locations in Austria – by our franchise partner Maria Klara Heinritzi, who started out in 2011 with her first restaurant in Linz

Anyone in need of a break and looking to enjoy classic Italian cuisine is sure to find everything they desire at L’Osteria Wien Auhof Center. There is also a children’s menu, high chairs and a craft table for little ones, as well as a drinking station for our four-legged friends. All dishes – pizza, pasta, soups, antipasti, salads and “Dolci” – can be prepped and packed for you to take away – just ask. And one more tip to finish: Your pizza can be ordered with different toppings on two halves – perfect for sharing between two people. See you soon at your L’Osteria Wien Auhof Center! We can’t wait to see you!