L'Osteria Osnabrück
Neumarkt 1, 49074 Osnabrück

Novità at the Neumarkt!

Since November 2014 we serve you the best best pizza and pasta d'amore.

You can find us in the new Hase house. The highlight: during the summer, you can enjoy Mediterranean flair on our outside terrace right at the water.

Very close to the city center, you can find the L’Osteria Osnabrück. In a unique atmosphere with views of the Hase, we serve you huge pizzas and pasta d’amore. If you want to know how large the pizza in the L’Osteria Osnabrück really is, we’re glad to give you a taste. The best best pizza with its 45 cm diameter is so large that it is often ordered by two people who choose different toppings for each half so that they can still fit in a dolci after the pizza, such as a delicious Tiramisù. Pasta lovers can order their pasta dishes either with whole meal penne or whole meal linguine as a small portion. And if you feel like something lighter, we recommend a look at our salads: Mista-, Nice-, Caprese salad or a Caesare? And for all those who are in a hurry or want to eat in the comfort of their home: All dishes are available for takeaway.
The terrace of the L’Osteria Osnabrück is located right at the Hase. With old olive trees and oleander bushes, you will feel like in Italy. Bambini are an essential part of large Italian family culture. Therefore, they are more than welcome at the L’Osteria Osnabrück. There are small portions of pasta available and the pizza can be shared with mommy or daddy. In addition, high chairs, a changing table and a painting table are available. If a dog belongs to the family, it is of course welcome, too. A special dog bar is waiting for it.