L'Osteria Nürnberg Tullnaupark
Am Tullnaupark 9, 90402 Nürnberg

Dio mio!

In 1999, the L'Osteria Nürnberg started with its very first restaurant on Pirckheimerstraße.

Now, the Mamma's family has grown. Since August 2015 our pizzas are flying at the Tullnaupark near the lake Wöhrder.

In 1999, the first L’Osteria opened in Nuremberg. Now there is the L’Osteria numero due in Nuremberg at the Tullnaupark. Besides our classic oversized pizza and pasta d’amore, you will find typical Italian appetizers and desserts like Panna Cotta and timarisù. With its 45 cm diameter, our pizza is so huge that people like to share it with two differently topped halves.
During the warm months, all dishes can be enjoyed in the sun on the outside terrace. Bambini are an essential part of large Italian family culture. Therefore, they are more than welcome at the L’Osteria Tullnaupark. There are small portions of pasta available and the pizza can be shared with mommy or daddy. In addition, high chairs, a changing table and a painting table are available. If a dog belongs to the family, it is of course welcome, too. A special dog bar is waiting for it. And for those who are in a hurry, non c’è problema: All dishes are available for takeaway.