L'Osteria Hannover Lavesstraße
Lavesstraße 1-2, 30159 Hannover

Hello Hannover!

Our pizza is flying farther north: Since April 2012, on Lavesstraße 1-2, the best best pizza is prepared and served alongside our pasta d'amore. We're looking forward to your visit!

In the Lavesstraße in Hannover, in the immediate vicinity of the railway station and the city center, you can find the best best pizza and pasta d’amore since 2012. After a long train ride or a shopping tour, you can satisfy your hunger with a huge pizza.

And by huge we mean so huge that you can easily divide the pizza into two with different toppings on each half. That way, your amicis or family members always get exactly what they love. Pasta lovers, too, get their money’s worth, with typical Italian dishes ranging from fresh pasta to antipasti. Or would you rather indulge in something sweet from our dolci menu?

Bambini are an essential part of large Italian family culture. Therefore, they are more than welcome at the L’Osteria Hannover Lavesstraße. There are small portions of pasta available and the pizza can be shared with mommy or daddy. In addition, high chairs, a changing table and a painting table are available. At the dog bar, our four-legged friends can quench their thirst if a dog belongs to the family.
And for all those who are in a hurry or want to eat in the comfort of their home: All dishes are available for takeaway.