L'Osteria Duisburg
Schifferstraße 190, 47059 Duisburg

Ciao Amici!

On the inner harbor in the heart of Duisburg you can enjoy the maritime lifestyle in a nice atmosphere. From now on, you can recharge your batteries after you culture and sports activities in the L'Osteria.

Get ready for the best best pizza and pasta d'amore on Schifferstraße 190! The inner harbor not only attracts people with its variety of sports and cultural events, but also with the best best pizza in the L’Osteria Duisburg. The huge pizza is served in a magnificent location overlooking the water. And by huge we mean so huge that you can easily divide the pizza into two with different toppings on each half. That way, your amicis or family members always get exactly what they love.
But we don’t only serve delicious pizza in the L’Osteria Duisburg but also our fabulous pasta d’amore. Or how about a typical Italian appetizer? An antipasti plate, perhaps? Or would you prefer something sweet like a Panna Cotta along with your espresso? Good Italian food is what makes our hearts be faster at the L’Osteria Duisburg.

And in the warmer months, the terrace is not only a place to enjoy pizza and pasta, but also offers wonderful views of the inner harbor.
Planning a family dinner? Children are welcome with us. There are high chairs and changing tables available. The pasta dishes are also available as small portions and the pizza can be shared with mommy or daddy. Besides, it will never get boring for your kids, as a painting table to read, draw and play is waiting for them. Bringing a dog along? At the entrance, there is a special dog bar available. By the way, for those who are in a hurry, non c’è problema: All dishes are available for takeaway.