our traditional pizza dough


The recipe for our pizza dough is a closely guarded secret which we have passed on from one pizza chef, or ‘pizzaiolo’, to the next since 1999. The recipe originally comes from our Sardinian pizzaiolo Mario. Long before Friedemann and Klaus, the founders of L’Osteria, took over their favourite restaurant on Pirckheimerstraße in Nuremberg, Mario had attempted to convince his long-established pizzaiolo colleagues of his special recipe. That was because instead of making the dough out of just flour, water, oil and yeast, Mario insisted upon adding egg and milk to the mix. These added ingredients were in such small quantities, however, that his pizzaiolo colleagues were convinced that the pizza would not taste any different. But they proved to be wrong. It turns out that just a drop of milk and a little bit of egg are enough to make the dough crispier on the outside and softer on the inside. And, ultimately, that is exactly what makes our BEST OF THE BEST pizza so special to this day.