The new taste sensations at L’Osteria

Pizza and Ice Cream

Savoury or sweet?

The good news is that you can enjoy one after the other at L’Osteria! After you’ve enjoyed our savoury pizza e pasta, we will be happy to serve you our heavenly dolci. So the question should really be: which of the delicious combinations of main course and dessert should I go for today? And there’s no shortage of variety at L’Osteria either – although we would particularly like to recommend to you two of our new main dishes and a very fancy dessert.


Pizza Nduja Calabrese & Spaghetti Chitarra Nduja

Meat paste meets chilli: Nduja is a very spicy, soft and spreadable salami that originally comes from Calabria. This Italian classic has recently made several guest appearances on our weekly menu – specifically on the Pizza Nduja Calabrese and in the form of Spaghetti Chitarra Nduja. These two dishes are the perfect way to set off the spicy taste of Nduja and are both described on the menu as “piccante” because of their spiciness. Next time you pay us a visit, look out for the chance to try pizza or pasta with Nduja on our current weekly menu!


Baked Gelato

Fruits of the forest cream parfait covered in warm soufflé on a crispy shortcrust tart base – in other words: Baked Gelato. It doesn’t just sound delicious, it tastes great too. This dessert is crispy on the outside, meltingly soft in the centre, and finished off with a touch of icing sugar and a strawberry. Unlike Tartufo, our pear crumble with sour cream sorbet, our lemon sorbet and our chocolate soufflé with mango sorbet, you will only find the baked dessert on our weekly menu. On the première weekend of our latest creations, the baked dessert went down a treat with many of our guests. Have we whetted your curiosity and your appetite? Then pay us a visit!