The L’Osteria end of year review for 2016


A lot happened over the past year – we celebrated the opening of 15 new branches and served up around 6,000,000 pizzas for the whole year while using 1,980,000 tonnes of flour!

A major step was also taken forward taken in training and dual study programmes: both are now available in more cities, offering tremendous opportunity for trainees, students and ourselves alike – application is a very simple online process.

We produced 8 new pasta varieties in our Pasta Factory in the last year. This includes different seasonal creations with pumpkin, wild boar or salmon filling. Of course, everything is produced to the usual excellent level of quality and wonderfully al dente when cooked.

We also have a newcomer on the pizza menu: the Pizza Nduja with hot, Italian salami. It started off on our weekday menu, but has since won the hearts of many of our guests.

The Baked Gelato has recently been added to the range of desserts on the weekday menu. 34,405 portions of this delicious Dolci were consumed in 2016. By the way, change in tastes is never-ending.

Since 2016 we now offer a delivery service for everyone who would prefer to eat their meal at home. We work together with foodora or deliveroo to provide this service, depending on the location. The testing phase is now complete and was passed with flying colours.

Last, but not least: after Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we expanded business operations to England on schedule at the end of the year. The first L’Osteria location on the island is in Bristol – the restaurant opened on 22/12/2016.