Restaurant manager with empathy and a talent for organization.

Service employee who hosts with charm and passion.

Pizza baker who puts his heart and soul into his pizza.

Pasta chef who can handle 20 pans at once.

Barkeeper with a sixth sense for the right mix.

Working at L’Osteria

The most important ingredient, that's you!

While our guests find a real home with authentic Italian flair and the best, best pizza and pasta d’amore, we offer even more to our employees. We invite you to help us shape the L’Osteria home and bring life to it. With people who have a stronger bond than just their enormous hospitality and passion for classic Italian cuisine, because they are part of the steadily growing FAMIGLIA – they all bring their different personalities to the table and understand how to fit into our family with their unique set of skills. Here, you will work hand in hand with people who strive to make their shared vision a reality: to spread our best, best pizza and pasta d’amore throughout all of Europe.

Together we can build a community where passion, warmth, aspiration and authenticity are second nature – a community where it is a point of honour to provide excellent service.

First things first! We don’t want you to work for L’Osteria! We want you to be L’Osteria. To talk L’Osteria. To feel L’Osteria. What does it takes to become a part of the FAMIGLIA? To put it into our patrone’s words: “You have your heart in the right spot and a desire to tackle your job”. You visibly thrive at the opportunity to be a host. Because at L’Osteria, everything revolves around the guests and their well-being. That means you roll up your sleeves and make sure that every guest feels like a king or queen.

That’s easier said than done, as it requires a lot of finesse, a skilled hand in dealing with people of all different backgrounds, and an unmatched love for service. As a member of our FAMIGLIA, our blood also flows through your veins and this helps you handle your tasks with motivation and individual responsibility.

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We are looking for young people just like you! Are you interested in the commercial aspects of restaurant management – as well as in hospitality that comes straight from the heart?



Start your professional life with the “very best pizza”, or just get a taste of it: Non c’è problema at L‘Osteria!



Whether you’re an old hand in the catering industry, an up-and-coming talent, or just moving over to us, at L’Osteria you’ll be able to showcase your talent for hospitality, teamwork, organisation and numbers!