L'Osteria Pforzheim
Marktplatz 1, 75175 Pforzheim


Finally our "best best pizza" with incredible 45 cm in diameter is also available at the former Rastkeller at Marktplatz 1.

Tip: On request we're serving our pizza with different toppings on each half - ready to share.

The Italian restaurant concept of L’Osteria opened a restaurant in the centre of Pforzheim on 13 April 2018. Or to be more precise, in the premises of the former Ratskeller in the middle of the market square, between the main station and Enz. The restaurant is run by the joint venture partner Carsten Götze, who already successfully manages L’Osteria Karlsruhe and who has been working for L’Osteria for over 15 years at the time of its opening. The “best best pizza and pasta d’amore” as well as home-made tiramisu and other culinary highlights are served up in Pforzheim by a true veteran of the L’Osteria FAMIGLIA. “I’m really happy about the fact that a second L’Osteria has been added just one year after my first restaurant opened in Karlsruhe. Incidentally, 15 years ago, I started off as an assistant to the management at L’Osteria Rosenheim,” says Carsten Götze, who has known the founders of FR L’Osteria GmbH, Friedemann Findeis and Klaus Rader, since the company first began. His new L’Osteria in Pforzheim offers space for 190 guests inside, with additional space for 150 people on the terrace overlooking the market square. All the dishes are, of course, available to take out on request. But eating in is also very nice here. So if you fancy Bella Italia, an Aperol Spritz, an espresso or if you just have a huge appetite, you’re welcome to drop by at any time! For children, there are small portions of pasta – or there’s the alternative: they can try tackling one of the 45 cm-wide pizzas together with mum and dad. By the way, as people’s tastes differ, you can always order and share pizzas with different toppings on each half. And if you want, we’ll also bag up your leftovers so you can take them home with you. Visitors to the L’Osteria Pforzheim will also find that it’s pleasing to the eye: the architecture and interior furnishings of each L’Osteria are designed to make dining at the restaurant a pleasure for all the senses. The L’Osteria Pforzheim has a large window façade and high ceilings and is bathed in the pleasant light of designer lamps. A deliberate mix of styles that the L’Osteria interior design team adapts to suit each location ensures a beautiful and warm ambiance, a touch of retro charm and cosiness. The sun is shining? Then treat yourself to a seat outside, where you can sit very pleasantly between olive trees and oleander plants. Got your dog with you? No problem! Our four-legged friends are also welcome guests in the L’Osteria Pforzheim. There’s water at the dog bar for dachshunds, poodles, pugs and the rest.