L'Osteria Landshut Altstadt
Altstadt 218, 84028 Landshut

Landshut, watch out:

The “best Pizza & Pasta d'amore” awaits you in the city center!

Landshut is getting its very own L’Osteria! And you thought this place couldn’t get any more exciting. But fun aside for a moment: We can’t wait to share the “best best pizza and pasta d’amore” with you. And, of course, you can expect delicious antipasti, salads and “Dolci”. As our guest, you can be sure to enjoy genuine Italian flair and a vibrant atmosphere. Our terrace is the ideal place to enjoy the summer, while inside at your L’Osteria Landshut Altstadt you can enjoy the very best we have to offer, all year round. Tip: At L’Osteria you can order your pizza with different toppings on two halves – perfect for sharing.

Got the kids with you? Then why not take a look at our children’s menu. High chairs and a craft table are also available. Dogs are also welcome. Our four-legged friends can look forward to fresh water at their very own bar. And for those whose time is tight, but who still want to enjoy classic Italian cuisine, all our dishes can be ordered to take away and enjoyed at home. We can’t wait to see you at your L’Osteria Landshut Altstadt!